Our Services

We are ready to assist you in dealing with crisis situations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are dealing in manual guarding, Electronic security systems, CCTV, Cameras, Metal detectors, Intruder alarms, Automatic Barriers/Doors, Motion sensors and Access controls etc. We can also assist you in Fire alarm and Fire fighting systems and maintenance.

Fire Alarm Systems
World's most reliable and extensive brands of Conventional and Analog Addressable Fire Detection Systems. These systems can also be integrated with fire Fighting Systems such as wet and dry sprinkler systems, Gas Suppression Systems or HVAC Control Equipment.

Fire Fighting Equipment
The product range includes Fire Extinguishers Manual & Automatic, Landing valves (Hydrants) and other Accessories.

Access Control System
Access Control Systems offers protection from unauthorized individual's illegal entry into your premises. Access can be granted through systems using individualized codes, identification cards (Swipe, Smart or Proximity Cards) and Biometrics. Widest range of Access Control Systems that encompasses simple Standalone and Networked System,
high-end Biometric Finger and Face recognition systems.

Door Barriers
The product range includes Door Frame Metal Detectors, Hand Held Metal Detectors, ground search Metal Detectors, Anti-bugging devices, Weapon Detectors, integrated turnstiles, etc.

Motion Sensors
They are used for protecting the perimeter on fences and buildings, warehouses and offices. The system consists of a sensors and cable that can be attached to the existing or new security fence.
Any attempt to cut or climb the fence is met by a non-lethal but very unpleasant shock. Breaching the Fence in any way also generates an immediate alarm. This system is suitable for all kinds of Private, Public and all Commercial establishments.


Provide the specialized services necessary to ensure the mutually agreed plants inventory is appropriately cared for to promote healthy and attractive plants on a consistent basis. Establish and implement plant rotation programs and the
introduction of new plant materials to present a fresh look and encourage healthy plant growth

• Provide plants and containers that present a healthy and attractive product within all designated areas
• Furnish a plants maintenance program that delivers the proper level of care for each specific plant to maintain a vigorous atate. Program to include items such as pruning, watering, repotting, fertilizing, pest control, cleaning and dusting.
• Prepare an annual beget to fund the maintenance program and purchase of new plant products.
• Replace mutually agreed weak, damaged or falling plants with new, healthy plants, Apply all warranty obligations when obtaining new plant materials.

Facilities Management as a concept originated in the developed countries as building became more intelligent and clients had greater expectations from developers for providing value for money

Professional management of these buildings helped to create a conducive working environment and added value to the real estate for the organization that owned space in them. The building thus can be seen as a supporter of the work process. in other words, Facilities Management raised the efficiency and effectiveness of the work place.