Our Products

Biometric Fingerprint Reader
CAMA patented super fingerprint algorithm with excellent performance with difficult fingers such as dry, wet, dirty fingers, etc. Unique self-learning function with 360° verification function. All-in-One fingerprint reader has integrated sensor and module in one piece. It features small size, low power consumption, simple ports, and high reliability.

Fire & Marine Protection Items
Our clients can avail from us wide range of Fire & Marine Protection Items leading prices. Used for safetypurposes these find applications in various industries as well as in residential and commercial sectors. Our range of products have are Eco-friendly, highly portable and robust in size and shape.



Disposable Items
We provide our clients with quality Disposable Items. These are provide reliable and effective protection against fine particulates and various airborne diseases.
These includes:
• Masks
• Shoe Cover
• Non Woven Suit
• Cap
• Surgeon Cap
• Apron

Road Protection Items
Road Protection Items is one of the numerous road safety products supplied by us. Our Road Protection Itemss are, attractive in design 7 are made up of superior quality.
These Includes:
• Safety Vents
• Reflective Jackets
• Waring & Caution Tapes
• Caution Chain
• Traffic Cone
• Traffic Baton
• Road Studs

Currency Counting Machines
Fast & Accurate Heavy Duty Bundle Note Counting Machine,counts within seconds without opening the packets.
• Auto/Manual Operation
• Batch Mode
• Add Mode
• OK Stamp facility
• Additional Customers Display

Currency Detector Machines
Worried of duplicate notes just relax .

Our new loose counting and bundle counting machine automatically detect it for you with the new MG feature.





The role of the FM must essentially support the core business. Without this support the core business will not be able to work effectively and efficiently. if the core business is not able to function in that environment, it will take its business elsewhere and the developer / owner will lose on his investment on the premises.

In this regard the owners / developers are frequently choosing professional Facilities Managers over the old in - house management system. In other words, the change from the reactive style to pro-active management is the key difference. Managing the interface between people, processes and the workplace is how the Facility Manager is able to help the occupier achieve its core objective and business mission.

Facilities Management can be broadly divided into three groups:
• Strategic
• Tactical
• Operational

Strategic management refers to the major plans and policies of the organization to achieve its long-term goals. Strategic facilities managements assists in coordinating the available resources of the organization with the specific method it should choose to achieve its mission. The importance of strategic planning is that it focuses on the resource base of people, property and technology. Strategy here would be to anticipate any changes and plan for them, and maximize value of money spent on land, lease or new technology.

As opposed to this, Tactical planning is more concerned with short-term goals. it zeros in on specific and operational issues with more detail. In effect, it deals with day today working of the systems in a building.

Facilities Management as a concept originated in the developed countries as building became more intelligent and clients had greater expectations from developers for providing value for money

Professional management of these buildings helped to create a conducive working environment and added value to the real estate for the organization that owned space in them. The building thus can be seen as a supporter of the work process. in other words, Facilities Management raised the efficiency and effectiveness of the work place.