About Us

Panther Safety Solutionss Pvt Ltd. Management is based in the following principles:-

• Thoroughly understand the requirement
• Be totally dedicated to accomplish the mission
• Provide all resources necessary to accomplish the mission
• Recruit staff with the best potential
• Train and motivate supervisors
• Build leaders and teams
• Regular training and refreshers
• Use positive motivation
• Internal promotions
• Pro-actively alert for every security and emergency risk
• Regular client meeting and feedback
PSSPL approach to security is to create, modify, enhance and protect the business and living environment of PSSPL clients through creating inform opinion in key security areas. The carefully balanced combination of knowledge of local conditions, adherence to stringent ethical codes and use of creative methods. This makes the PSSPL proud and capable of optimally satisfying the security needs of its clients.

Our Merits:-
Unique and creative solutions from PSSPL that meet the clients' expectations not only by realizing the clients' Security objectives but particularly by our strict adherence to the ethical principles and continuous search for opportunities beyond the agreed security objectives. PSSPL maintains creative approaches to the clients' special needs in order to
find unique and tailor made security solutions.
Highly motivated PSSPL team work based on the implementation of progressive guidelines which are revised to keep updated. Security discipline on the basis of routine inspections carried out by senior team members of PSSPL, due to which professional quality of services provided consistently by our team. It is mandatory to screen each field staff before being appointed by PSSPL.

Our Strengths:-
We are able to put creative and innovative Ideas for the safety and security. PSSPL maintains professional and strictly ethical relations with the other agencies. We have an expertise and professionalism.
PSSPL offers unique security solutions like electronic CCTV system and detection devices. Know-how, combined with experience in the local market. Wide-ranging contacts. We have a team of qualified and well trained guards.
PSSPL supervisors are in constant touch with the guards on the posts and can be easily contacted through mobile phones if needed for their assistance. We provide additional guards in case of any event upon request by the client. Extra nominal charges are applicable.
Each post maintains records as per the requirement in consultation with the client.

Facilities Management

While there are many definitions of Facilities Management, it can be best explained by the definition given by the American Library of Congress. They describe Facilities Management as “The Practice of coordinating work place with people and work of organization” . This is explained in three parts:
• Support Function to the business core.
• Concentrate on the interface between workplace and people.
• Use a multi faceted approach.
The basic point that is frequently overlooked by developers is that there is a avital link between operating a business and workplace support systems. Facilities Management assists in optimal usage of space and monitoring the support services for their most economical operation.

Facilities Management as a concept originated in the developed countries as building became more intelligent and clients had greater expectations from developers for providing value for money

Professional management of these buildings helped to create a conducive working environment and added value to the real estate for the organization that owned space in them. The building thus can be seen as a supporter of the work process. in other words, Facilities Management raised the efficiency and effectiveness of the work place.