Welcome to Panther Safety Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Panther Safety Solutionss Pvt Ltd. is an emerging company with a broader vision and innovative management techniques and practices that enable it to provide the finest security services. PSSPL offers the optimal combination of specific project experience, commitment to quality, high end security expertise and local operational support to meet and exceed the expectations of its clients.

We have services of professionally trained manpower, highly skilled and utmost dedication to their given tasks. PSSPL provides smartly uniformed, highly trained and well supervised guards who are responsible for security and safety of assets, personnel and property against losses due to theft, pilferage, intrusions, fire, flooding, and accidents. The company has total commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We seriously understand the sensitivity of Security business and the importance of providing professional and specialized expertise in accordance with the requirement of clients.

Facilities Management as a concept originated in the developed countries as building became more intelligent and clients had greater expectations from developers for providing value for money

Professional management of these buildings helped to create a conducive working environment and added value to the real estate for the organization that owned space in them. The building thus can be seen as a supporter of the work process. in other words, Facilities Management raised the efficiency and effectiveness of the work place.